3 Reasons The Bone Season is Your Next Must-Read Series

Have you heard of Samantha Shannon’s book series The Bone Season? If not, why not? These brilliant books follow teen Paige Mahoney in the 2050s as she battles with life as a clairvoyant in the criminal underworld of London, where the world is under the rule of an intriguing organisation called Scion.

Here are my top 3 reasons to make this series a priority on your TBR (to be read) list.


3. It’s the start of a series

Although there are currently only 2 books published, Bloomsbury have picked this up as a 7 book deal with the 3rd due for release in March 2017. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that a new series you are just starting has longevity. The end of the road isn’t after the next book; you have a further 4 books to enjoy which could mean almost another decade of enjoyment!

2. Samantha Shannon’s world is immersive and brilliant

I cannot praise Shannon enough for the world building in this series. It’s incredible! Over the course of the two current books you really get a feel for exactly the way the world works and how each character slots in to this. Large portions of the books are set in London (which happens to be my favourite city in the world) and every time I visit, I am able to walk around the city and visualise exactly how Scion London has formed in my head. Walking around Covent Garden, Seven Dials and Neal’s Yard has never been so exciting. There aren’t many books that have had such a profound effect on me as to intrude in my thoughts when I am walking around the location it is set.

The detail Shannon goes in to in terms of creating orders of clairvoyance (in the form of a fictitious pamphlet, On the Merits of Unnaturalness, which has since been turned into a physical, published pamphlet as well as an eBook – Thanks Samantha/Bloomsbury!) it’s just astounding. I have had many a conversation with friends over which voyant we would be. In the same way anyone who is anyone has thought about which Hogwarts house they are in, this series has so much potential to create that kind of response for voyant classifications.

Not only is Shannon’s world building on point but there is no shortage of backstory. We are given so much information on the characters’ pasts – even minor characters. This volume of backstory is a rare blessing and I love that I know so much about these characters.


1. Each novel leaves you wanting more

I have one word for you: cliff-hangers.

Upon finishing The Mime Order, Samantha Shannon is now the undisputed Queen of cliff-hangers in my eyes. These are the sort of books that you end up rereading several times before the publication of the next one purely to feel some kind of connection to the world. The last pages will leave you screaming for the next book and wondering how you’ll ever cope with the wait.

But here’s the best bit. Samantha Shannon has a beautiful habit of releasing extra material between books! On the Merits of Unnaturalness is just one such example of this. Her blog is also teaming with information of the series, the content of which is heavily influenced by her followers on social media as they ask for specific information, so there’s plenty to keep us all entertained.

Bloomsbury have also just bought Shannon’s stand-alone high fantasy novel The Priory of the Orange Tree, so you can have a top up dose of her writing between Bone Season novels which is always good.


I am very excited about what this series holds and I am counting down the days until the The Song Rising graces our bookshelves.


You can follow Samantha Shannon and all the latest information on The Bone Season series on twitter at:

@say_shannon @TheBoneSeason


Follow her blog, A Book From the Beginning, at:


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