Bridget Jones’ Baby World Premiere – Monday 5th September 2016

On Monday, the long awaited third big screen instalment of the life of Helen Fielding’s popular character ‘Bridget Jones’ staged its world premiere in London’s Trafalgar Square. All the stars of the film joined fans and the press on a rather fetching pink carpet to promote the film before the UK release on Friday 16th September, less than two short weeks away. I attended the premiere and lined the carpet with fellow fans to catch a glimpse of the action. Here’s the roundup of my premiere experience.

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3 Reasons London is my Favourite City on Earth

London, the capital of the UK, the heart of Blighty and the most wonderful place in the world. Despite being brought up in a relatively quiet seaside town in south Devon, my heart has always been in London since my very first visit at 6 years old. With just a few weeks to go until I make the move to the big city here are my 3 reasons why London is my favourite city on earth.

3. It’s beautiful and magical

Remember all of the scenes from the films you’ve watched where a young plucky individual attempts to make it big in their capital city? Remember the wide eyed look of wonder on their face when they see the skyscrapers for the first time? That’s how I feel every time I go to London and see the beautiful buildings again. Different parts of the city have different types of architecture that is equally wonderful. From the beautiful gothic arches of the natural history museum to the beautiful facades found in Piccadilly, it all holds beauty and intrigue with so many hidden gems to admire.

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