3 Reasons London is my Favourite City on Earth

London, the capital of the UK, the heart of Blighty and the most wonderful place in the world. Despite being brought up in a relatively quiet seaside town in south Devon, my heart has always been in London since my very first visit at 6 years old. With just a few weeks to go until I make the move to the big city here are my 3 reasons why London is my favourite city on earth.

3. It’s beautiful and magical

Remember all of the scenes from the films you’ve watched where a young plucky individual attempts to make it big in their capital city? Remember the wide eyed look of wonder on their face when they see the skyscrapers for the first time? That’s how I feel every time I go to London and see the beautiful buildings again. Different parts of the city have different types of architecture that is equally wonderful. From the beautiful gothic arches of the natural history museum to the beautiful facades found in Piccadilly, it all holds beauty and intrigue with so many hidden gems to admire.

2. Everyone fits in no matter what

Strolling around the city it is clear that everyone belongs in one capacity or another. It’s a multicultural hub full of different religions, nationalities and cultures. Areas such as Camden are full of different people who make a range of bold fashion choices, but it doesn’t matter because somehow you never look out of place. Walking in certain parts of the city is like being in a different world, time and country, and no matter where you find yourself you just fit. Here are some of my favourite areas:

Camden Town. Quirky, wacky and unique. I love browsing the market and enjoying the food on offer.


Photo via: London City Break

The Hawley Arms, once a favourite haunt of the late Amy Winehouse, is one of my favourite pubs in the capital as it sells crisps by the pint glass!

hawley arms

Photo via: Cool Places 

Knightsbridge. In Knightsbridge you will find Harrods, one of London’s world famous department stores. The buildings around this area are almost unparalleled in beauty and are a must-see area for anyone visiting the capital.


Photo via: Wikipedia

Kensington. From the high street to the Palace there are loads of things to enjoy. You never know, on a good day, you might bump into the Cambridges on a shopping spree!

Photos via: Regus and Wikipedia

Brixton. Such a vibrant area known particularly for its music scene. The district recently paid an artistic tribute to one of 2016’s greatest losses; David Bowie.


Photo via: Brixton Buzz

Covent Garden & Seven Dials. The old fruit and veg market is now home to an array of fashionable brands including Aspinal of London, Mac Makeup, Apple, Burberry, Barbour, Chanel, Fred Perry, Dior and the Disney Store to name but a few. Seven Dials is also a fantastic shopping area and is home to some unique shops as well as cafés etc. Seven Dials also happens to be the base of one of my favourite series of novels The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon so it’s lovely to be able to walk around there and see the real locations you imagine when reading the novels.

Photos via: Yap, Wikipedia and Martell Campbell

Leicester Square. This one speaks for itself.


Photo via: Last Minute

Holborn. This area is one of my absolute personal favourites purely because I have spent a lot of time here in the last 2 years – especially at the Shaftesbury Theatre, now one of my all-time favourite theatres due to its charming size and character.


Photo via: Arthur Lloyd

Fitzrovia. This is a charming little area hidden in central London not far from Soho. Wondering the streets here you can find all sort of unique shops including one of my favourite shops on the planet Samuel French the theatre bookshop!

Photos via: London Central Portfolio and London Town

Little Venice. The name is self-explanatory. This is London’s little collection of Venitian-esque canals and is utterly beautiful.

Photos via: Travel Digg

Notting Hill. Home to some colourful architecture and the world-famous carnival.


Photo via: Temporary Secretary

Soho. The beating heart of London home to a thriving night life and LGBT+ community

soho square

Photo via: Getty Images

Westminster. This is not only tourist heaven but where all of the exciting political developments take place. There’s something utterly wonderful about the history and prestige of this part of town.


Photo via: Choice Hotels

1. You will always find a home in London

For the most part, I have always felt London to be a beautifully accepting and inclusive city. I have never felt out of place or unwelcome no matter where I find myself. On the occasions I have asked for help or directions, the people have been pleasant and helpful, which is a world away from how some people react in the area I currently live. With less than 3 weeks to go until I make the move to the big city, I am more than excited about the opportunities and the life my favourite city can offer to me.

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