Publication Week – The Song Rising

The wait is over!! After 2 years the next instalment of The Bone Season series has finally been published. Thanks to Bloomsbury, I have been right in the thick of the publication celebrations!

On publication day last week Samantha Shannon celebrated the launch of the book from The Caves in Edinburgh; an exclusive underground venue of breathtaking beauty in the heart of the city. Along with her team at Bloomsbury and her friends and family, myself and fellow Bone Season Advocates were able to join the party for a drink and a chat in the candlelit venue.

A few days later, London saw the rise of the revolution with the book’s launch in Shannon’s home city. Waterstones Piccadilly hosted the Q & A with Samantha and fellow author Katherine Webber. We learnt a lot about the workings of the Scion world we are coming to know and love as well as some truly interesting facts about how certain characters came to be.


I’ve had a blast over the last few days and I can’t wait to re-read this novel in all it’s beautiful hardback sprayed-edge glory (and on public transport instead of squirrelling the proof copy away at home for 5 months)

Read my review for The Song Rising here (spoiler-free providing you have already read The Bone Season and The Mime Order)


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