Victoria Aveyard at Waterstones Piccadilly!

Good morning!  Happy Monday (or not…we all have a grudge against this day of the week).  Today I’m going to give you some book-spiration by telling you about the exciting YA event I attended in central London last week.  It’s given me a couple of extras for my TBR (when doesn’t this happen…?) and hopefully you’ll see something you like too.  I have read some of the books I’m about to mention here, and I will post reviews as soon as I can. For those I haven’t read, I will read and review those as quickly as I can. Until then…let’s get on with it!

Victoria Aveyard, critically acclaimed author of The Red Queen series has been travelling around the country on her first ever UK book tour.  I read the entire series last month so of course had to meet the woman who has left me with one of the most horrific cliffhangers known to man whilst we wait for book four.  Victoria’s London event comprised of a panel of YA authors followed by a signing which was all so much fun. It was a full house of fans and authors, not on the bill, alike (I’m really sorry, I would apologise for the constant theatre references but I doubt they’ll go anywhere so 😂)

Alongside Victoria were Laure Eve (author of The Graces, Fearsome Dreamer and The Illusionists), Alice Broadway (Author of Ink – first of the skin books trilogy) and panel chair Alwyn Hamilton (Rebel of the Sands).

Look at this talented bunch!

Bookish things.jpg

Photo credit: @WaterstonesPicc – Twitter

We sat with a glass of wine/water/coca cola and listened to them talk about their word babies.  We listened to how the characters acquired their names.  We placed the characters from the novels spoken about into typical high school stereotypes.  We talked writing soundtracks and writing inspiration and tried so, so hard to skirt around spoilers (as I’m doing right now).  We even had a title reveal from Alice!  She shared with us the name of the second novel in her Skin Book Trilogy, although I shall leave the joy of that revelation for her, so keep an eye on her social media pages.

The Red Queen series is set in a version of our future where citizens are divided by the colour of their blood.  The ‘regular’ red blooded citizens are sentenced to a life of servitude under the elite and supposedly superior silver blooded citizens, who have superhuman powers to accompany their superhuman blood.  Mare Barrow, a red civilian, accidentally discovers that she possesses the ability to create lightening despite the colour of her blood.  Long story short, all hell breaks loose.  Three books later here I am desperately awaiting the final instalment in this incredible series.  Keep an eye out here because I will be posting my reviews soon.

It was so great to have the chance to see Victoria in the UK.  With a bit of luck, when book four is published she will be back for more Q&As and more signings. *crosses everything*

On Thursday we not only got to delve that little bit deeper into a written world that everyone in that room loved, we got to spend a quiet hour or two in the company of like-minded book people.  And we truly are the best people in the world.


Until next time x

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