12 Reads of Christmas 2019: Day 4

Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen

“You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you”

– Mr Darcy

Welcome to day 4 of my 12 Reads of Christmas series, where I’m posting the things I like to read over the festive period every day from Christmas Day until Twelfth Night (6 January).

Romance at Christmas? Yes please. Honestly, any excuse to read Pride and Prejudice. This is hands down my favourite Austen novel, and hands down my favourite classic novel.

Elizabeth Bennett is one of the sassiest women in all of Regency English literature and her snide remarks are life itself. I will not have a bad word said against Mr Darcy.

I really enjoy re-reading this over Christmas when I’ve got time to either read it all in one sitting or spread it over a few days and watch along with the 1995 Colin Firth Mr Darcy of dreams – don’t @ me with any 2005 nonsense please and thanks ;).

Comment below your favourite Pride and Prejudice or Jane Austen quotes.

Here’s Colin Firth’s Mr Darcy for your enjoyment. (Other adaptations and Mr Darcy actors available, but they’re clearly inferior so…)

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