3 Reasons The Bone Season is Your Next Must-Read Series

Have you heard of Samantha Shannon’s book series The Bone Season? If not, why not? These brilliant books follow teen Paige Mahoney in the 2050s as she battles with life as a clairvoyant in the criminal underworld of London, where the world is under the rule of an intriguing organisation called Scion.

Here are my top 3 reasons to make this series a priority on your TBR (to be read) list.


3. It’s the start of a series

Although there are currently only 2 books published, Bloomsbury have picked this up as a 7 book deal with the 3rd due for release in March 2017. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that a new series you are just starting has longevity. The end of the road isn’t after the next book; you have a further 4 books to enjoy which could mean almost another decade of enjoyment!

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3 Reasons I Will Always Be Loyal To Print Books Over eBooks

In recent years a new battle has emerged between physical books and their electronic cousins – the eBook. Many generations of readers hold strong opinions on whether or not a “real” book or an electronic one reigns supreme. Whilst eBooks are becoming more and more popular, here are my top 3 reasons to remain loyal to physical books and why the apocalypse will have hit if you ever catch me favouring popular eReaders such as the Kindle or Kobo.


  1. We all secretly like to pet books


Yes, that’s right. We love to pet books and we know it. In bookshops we walk past books that we’ve read and cheekily caress their spines. We sit and run our hands over the cover once we’ve completed a novel. We like to feel the different embossing and textures used on the dust jacket or the hardback binding or the glossy paperback edition. Petting eReaders may be satisfying when they’re new (we’re all guilty of rubbing our new phone/laptop/device on our face at least once) but that novelty soon wears off with age. Books, on the other hand, change their texture and feel. They do not become out of date and replaced by a new model. They do not stop working after use for extended periods of times. They remain utterly beautiful.

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