Disneyland!! (For the first time!)

For as long as I can remember knowing the word ‘Disney’ I have wanted to visit Disneyland/world. The majority of my childhood was spent begging my parents to take me to Disney World Orlando to fulfil my dream of seeing that castle. The castle that bookended most of my dreams. Unfortunately that never happened. Until June this year.

It may have taken me almost 20 years but it finally happened. I still haven’t quite made it to America yet but I’ve found my way to a Disney site – Paris. In June 2017 I spent a magical week in Disneyland Paris and I’m going to share it with you. Although I would’ve loved to visit and experience the magic as a child, I still found it to be everything I’ve ever dreamed and more. For those of you who, like me, are waiting to visit Disney for the first ever time as an ‘adult’ (questionable term at best 😉) hopefully this will put you at ease.

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Bridget Jones’ Baby World Premiere – Monday 5th September 2016

On Monday, the long awaited third big screen instalment of the life of Helen Fielding’s popular character ‘Bridget Jones’ staged its world premiere in London’s Trafalgar Square. All the stars of the film joined fans and the press on a rather fetching pink carpet to promote the film before the UK release on Friday 16th September, less than two short weeks away. I attended the premiere and lined the carpet with fellow fans to catch a glimpse of the action. Here’s the roundup of my premiere experience.

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